[Work] In Progress…

I’m starting an shoppe called KitsuneMaki. KitsuneMaki  is Japanese and literally translates to Fox Roll. Once I get the logo finalized I’ll post a pic. I picked KitsuneMaki b/c of several things:

  • I’m autodidactic: teaching myself Japanese
  • The logo is a sleeping rabbit laying on top of a curled up fox, making them kind of like a sushi roll
  • I love foxes and rabbits, tho they are only two of my favorite animals
  • The name shows creativity and ingenuity
  • It’s intriguing and makes ppl curious about the reason I used it
  • My creations (watercolor paintings, handstamped cards, etc) usually have a natural/flora&fauna feel to them
  • I love & thrive in nature

Why the title [work] in progress?

I’m still working on obtaining a stamp of my logo.

I’m stocking up on pre[hand]made gift tags, cards, etc. so I have items to list.

I’m gathering shipping supplies for my paintings and cards so they are “ready to ship” listings.

I’m currently disconnected from the world:

  • no Facebook (need to make a business profile)
  • no Tumblr (now I do!)
  • no shop on Etsy (at least no listings yet)
  • no Twitter (might hold off on this)

I will probably always have[Work] In Progress because I’ve told myself I will create something everyday, be that a set of gift tags, cards, a watercolor painting, fulfill a custom order, draw, color, study Japanese (creating connections in my brain cells right?), or anything else I can justify as creation!


For now, my Tumblr page will be spare, I apologize, but I’ll work on it as much as I can!

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